Sunday, February 17, 2013

Loki the terror

Appropriately named, this was our next foster this previous fall/winter. Loki, the 10 month old male Husky/Labrador mix. This dog was seriously full of himself!

Loki came from a university student who just didn't have the time for him. He was a wild child, had never gotten any real training or exercise. He was a MAJOR humper, and was more mouthy that a German Shepherd puppy! He got a nice course of "doggie boot camp" and changed his act real quick. After about a week of being tethered in the house on a prong collar and trained at every given moment, he was 10x less likely to mouth you (and would instead seek out a tug instead), jump on  you, or hump you, and he was not counter surfing anymore. 

We had him for about 2 months and worked on loose leash walking, calmly jogging next to us (which we was GREAT at!) and calm behavior in the house. It was just an overwhelming experience for him not to be crated, have interaction with other dogs, and space to run around in. He was adopted out to a young couple who lived on a lake, and seemed like he was going to be very happy in their active home.

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