Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The wee one

Kurt did indeed stay with Heather & her family after their trial weekend in Grand Rapids. He has been having the best time & is very spoiled there. I couldn't be happier for him.

This little lady is Sophie, formerly known as Lola to me.
Bowl is for comparison, this is a SMALL bowl & Lola was 4 weeks old in this picture
I got a call from the director needing help for two 3 week old Bull Mastiff mixes that were abandoned at a kill shelter in Michigan. I took the female and weaned/reared her like a momma would and she was the most fun and most work I've seen yet fostering.

Her favorite activity- She spent 85% of her time sleeping!
I kept her until she was 8 weeks old and she was adopted by a friend's cousin, so I get to see her frequently and watch her grow. She's very happy and just got spayed this week so she's growing up into a big girl! She's probably close to 30-40 lbs now at 15 weeks old.

Sophie at 8 weeks with her new daddy, Matt.
I'm getting another puppy from Lebanon this July, cannot wait to post pictures of him or her!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kurtie Bear

Just two weeks after Annie left us this March, I got an email from our director about a 5 month old puppy who had been hit by a car and left starved in Beirut, Lebanon needing a place to stay. Last wednesday they flew him and two other dogs from a rescue in Lebanon to Michigan to be adopted out through our rescue. I picked him up Friday and we went to the vet to assess his injuries and weight loss.

 He has no lasting injury to his back or legs from the car accident, and is starting to gain weight now. He submissive pees when people approach him, but he is warming up quickly and LOVES other dogs. He is the sweetest, quirkiest little thing ever. We are doing a home visit this week for him and assuming all goes well, he will be staying with Heather and her family. :) I really couldn't ask for a better, more caring home for him.

Who knows what Janelle will throw at me next? All I know is I am ready for it.

Annie Sperlanicles

Don't you love the nicknames we come up with around here? Lol. I started working with another rescue this winter to help them out with some puppies more locally. Annie and her littermates were dumped at a high-kill shelter, where the rescue stepped in to pull them, knowing that pit bulls did not last long. They sought out new foster homes for the puppies, so I applied to foster one.

The cute little pit puppy that she placed in my arms was nothing like I expected, and I definitely fell in love with her. She was the smartest, most adorable little thing ever- but what Pit Bull isn't?? ;) She stayed with me for 4 weeks before finding her forever home with Amber. A single young lady that loved the breed and is spoiling her rotten now. :D

The next in line...

Shortly after Duke's passing, we took in Toby, a Boston Terrier mix with a love for life and licking faces.

Four year old guy with a lot of life left in him, unfortunately did not get along well with our German Shepherd so he moved to another foster home near me. He had been in rescue for almost 6 months and is a great little guy, but has not found his forever home yet. :(

RIP Duke

Unfortunately, Duke's conditions did not get any better, and the rescue made the tough decision to have him humanely euthanized in the late fall/early winter of 2011. For reasons unknown, he continued losing weight until he was a bag of bones, his skin started getting worse, and he was just miserable. All normal blood work checked out fine, and the rescue decided with his lack of adoptability already (dog & cat aggressive) on top of his medical issues after being in rescue for over 8 months, that it was time to let him go. I know he is in a better place now and I'm sure he is much happier. I will never forget the impact Duke had on our lives and he is buried beneath a gorgeous tree in our yard.