Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The wee one

Kurt did indeed stay with Heather & her family after their trial weekend in Grand Rapids. He has been having the best time & is very spoiled there. I couldn't be happier for him.

This little lady is Sophie, formerly known as Lola to me.
Bowl is for comparison, this is a SMALL bowl & Lola was 4 weeks old in this picture
I got a call from the director needing help for two 3 week old Bull Mastiff mixes that were abandoned at a kill shelter in Michigan. I took the female and weaned/reared her like a momma would and she was the most fun and most work I've seen yet fostering.

Her favorite activity- She spent 85% of her time sleeping!
I kept her until she was 8 weeks old and she was adopted by a friend's cousin, so I get to see her frequently and watch her grow. She's very happy and just got spayed this week so she's growing up into a big girl! She's probably close to 30-40 lbs now at 15 weeks old.

Sophie at 8 weeks with her new daddy, Matt.
I'm getting another puppy from Lebanon this July, cannot wait to post pictures of him or her!