Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All we have is memories

Pippa got a new home just in time for the holidays! She got adopted yesterday afternoon to a nice loving family. A 13 year old daughter, 10 year old son, senior Labrador, middle-aged Pug, and parents make up her family now. She didn't mind the dogs when she met them, but was acting rather annoying with me not in the room. I'm glad they enjoyed her. They asked me a lot of questions and I talked her up as much as possible. They loved her quirks. I know they'll love her and give her the time to settle in.

I did bawl my eyes out as they took her away. I could tell by the head tilt I had never seen before and the look on her face that she was heartbroken and so confused. It broke my heart. She had evidently become very attached to my family here, but I hope she can forget about us and fit in to her new home quickly. She jumped onto the dash as they were leaving and was pawing at it looking at me like I was killing her. Oh, the joys of fostering.

Now I can open up my home to another. Maybe this time a curious, happy little puppy that won't get so attached. I'll have to email Laurie with the Weim rescue and see if she has any. XD

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pipsqueak Pippa

This is my newest foster dog, Pippa. We call her Pip, Pippin, or Cranium though. =]

I'm fostering her for the SPCA where I work. She wasn't eating in the shelter for the 5 days she was there and was in bad shape, so I brought her home. She's the easiest dog ever! She goes to the bathroom maybe 4 times a day, eats very little, and sleeps all day. She's very quiet and not like any Chihuahua I've ever met before. She has no personality as of yet, and I've had her since the 16th of November. She's starting to come out of her shell a lot more, but still has work to do.

She's gaining weight well and her coat is in great condition now that I've started supplementing her food and feeding her Wellness instead of Purina. She'll happily eat now too, and actually looks forward to meal times. She is not fond of Frag, however. If he walks past the chair she sleeps behind she will dart out, jump and snap at him, then run back to her bed. Wanna see a video?

So we're working on that. I'm also working on training her. She's great walking on a leash and her manners are alright, but I would like to teach her to sit, down, and maybe do a cute trick. I've loaded the clicker for her numerous times, but when the treats come out she doesn't do ANYTHING except spin and act a fool. I can't lure her or touch her or she'll shut down. She is very independent, so this a work in progress I suppose.

She's been to one adoption event this past weekend and there was no interest in her. It's a real shame since she's so quiet and cute. She'd be perfect for an older couple; never has accidents inside, is crate trained, leash trained, and is very quiet. Loves to just sleep on your lap. :) We'll see where she ends up.