Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dukka Dukka

So Duke is still here and he's doing better and worse in different ways.

He now gets along well with Bailey (even with toys out) and they play frequently. It makes it so much easier than crating and rotating all the dogs. He's learning basic obedience well & can sit, down, off, come, stay quiet in his crate, and walk OK on a leash. He's accepting of baths and nail trimming with a dremel. Still hates cats. ;)

His skin has taken a toll for the worst, however. After weaning him from prednisone he started breaking out terribly, so we upped his pred back to 1 EOD, put him on benedryl, antibiotics, vitamin c, fish oil, medicated shampoo, and a leave on lotion for him. After a few days he's doing SO much better, but I wish we could get him off the pred. We're going to be going to another vet for a second opinion on his skin soon and hopefully that will prove useful, I just feel so bad for the poor guy.

Hopefully we can get him past these skin problems and get him used to more dogs and he'll have a great home in no time. He is definitely a very sweet dog!