Friday, September 17, 2010

Charlie and Mix Ups.

He's here! Charlie, the 11 week old Weimaraner pup came into our home today. I picked him up from his foster parents at the vet after his second set of shots.

They had to get rid of him because the wife was throwing a fit about him pottying on their new carpet. Guh. I hate people. Anyway, so the guy gives me Charlie, his food, bowls, and a bag full of shampoos and pills and sprays and tells me he's on pills for a parasite, needs to be dewormed via the other pill, and that he has ringworm and needs daily sprays and weekly baths. But he said that he wasn't contagious... :O I was shocked, since ringworm is so contagious, so I called the vet. Receptionist tells me that he's still highly contagious and to pick up his poop, put lyme over the spot. I was so confused by this point. I called the director and told her everything I knew, so she called the fosters and the vet back. We got it all straightened out.

Apparently Charlie had ringworm, and is still recovering from that, but it should not be too contagious any more. We're still limiting his contact with Frag to be on the safe side. He also had roundworms, but those have been taken care of for the most part, I have another de-worming pill to give him today. He also has coccidia, a nasty parasite, and that is what the pills and lyme is for... "/ So, we have to go out and buy lyme, and be very careful about cleaning up his poop. Yaaaay.

Other than all of his issues, he's a good dog. Fairly quiet, decent eater, walks OKAY on leash, and comes to his name most of the time. I'm excited to see how long he's hear and how he does with us.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

History, Emajean, and tomorrow

So yes, I decided to start this blog to chronical all of my adventures and journeys with the animals I hold dear to my heart. I've only recently started fostering and becoming involved in rescue, but I've gone in deep. I now have my second job at a shelter, and am on foster # 3 tomorrow. Some background on previous fosters-

Diamond; Beatiful 1yr unaltered female pit mix that I rescued over the summer and rehomed. A friend of a friend had saved her from being pts at the vet's office, and could not keep her. I had her for a week, and then rehomed her to a co-worker of my mom's. They have since got her spayed, up to date on shots, and have integrated her as a member of the family. Couldn't have turned out better.

Emajean; Darling little kitten whom was brought in at 3 days old to the Humane Society I used to work at. We did not have a foster program, so someone had to take her home with them to bottlefeed or she would have died. I volunteered, and it has been love since then. She is now 16 days old, eyes wide and bushy-tailed. She's moving around a lot more and starting to eat solid food mixed with formula. I was given permission to keep her permanently on sunday, so this has been a foster failure, but it's for the best. :D

Which leads me up to tomorrow... I'm picking up an 11 week old male Weimaraner from the vet's office after his second set of shots. I volunteer for the Great Lakes Weimaraner Rescue, and they contacted me today about taking him off of another foster's hands because the wife was upset with his accidents on the floors. /facepalm His name's Charlie and he'll be here until he gets adopted. I set up his little x-pen and blankets tonight because I'll have class as soon as he gets here tomorrow. I'm interested to see how well the rules are kept between my boyfriend, roomate, and I. There will be plenty of pictures tomorrow. =]