Sunday, February 17, 2013

Benny boy

Bennet is the mange puppy that I fostered last fall after Sophie/Lola got adopted. He was on the euth list at a high kill shelter so I stepped up to take him, since I had experience dealing with mange. The day that I picked him up and all of his medication from the vet, he was a mess. Carrying him out to my car (because the leash around his neck made him bleed) I ruined a nice shirt from his skin bleeding all over me. Every step he took, his feet would bleed. He was contained to the kitchen most of the time on the hard floor to make it easier to clean up. 2 medicated baths a week plus immune system and skin supplements, and oral antibiotics and meds for the mange cleared him up in no time. 

This is the picture of him I received from the shelter, the day I got him.

In this picture, you can really see how much hair he didn't have. This was after his infection was cleared up and his skin wasn't bleeding from walking/rubbing into things. Unless he itched or I picked at his scabs, he wasn't bleeding and irritated. This was 3-4 weeks into his treatment.

This picture was after having him for about 2 months... he was doing 10x better in this picture and he started getting peach fuzz all over, though it's hard to tell.

And this is a before and after photo from the rescue's site, of Bennet with his new family, and much of his hair back! He is a very loved member of the family, and we get updates all the time. He has a new little brother rescued from the same place, as well. :) I love happy endings.

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