Friday, March 28, 2014

This little guy's a Trooper

Newest little guy - Trooper! I pulled this guy last week for the rescue I volunteer with from the county animal control. He had been found as a stray with these terrible wounds, and I couldn't stand to see him euthanized after enduring all that, so I agreed to foster him. Aptly named, "Trooper" has been a champ through all of his vet appointments and procedures/meds and treatment.
Hanging out with me, waiting on paper work at Animal Services.

The vet is suspecting chemical burns, though we will never be certain exactly what happened. He is a little overweight and loving of people, so it is apparent he was a beloved pet at some point. The wounds on his body indicate something being poured over him, however. What that was, and whether it was malicious or accidental will never be known. He is on many antibiotics, pain killers, a topical ointment, and medicated baths 3x a week.
Day three in my home
He is a super happy guy, and is taking everything in stride. He loves the cats and seems very interested in my dogs, though due to his sensitive skin, he has not gotten to meet. He loves to go for walks and is very quiet in the crate. He needs a little work on housetraining, but it's not too bad. We have three vet appointments a week, currently. He went in this week and stayed the night to get all that skin trimmed away, and this was the result...

He's feeling so much better since then, and we have another appointment tomorrow morning. Everyone that meets him is falling in love. He's estimated to be about 5 years old, still intact, but so friendly and loving. He just wants to cuddle up and sleep next to you. We can't wait for his skin to heal up so that he can spend more time with us.