Friday, June 10, 2011


This little guy came to me May 27th, so I've had him for a few weeks. He came from an owner surrender, older gentlemen who had to move to an assisted living facility. His name is Duke, he's 5.5 years old, male neutered, and he is not utd on all vaccines thanks to me. He came nearly bald as a result of long term prednisone use, and is all 'roided up. He may have cushings disease as a result. We've got him on Blue Buffalo Wilderness now and fish oil, and we're weaning him off the pred. to see how bad his "allergies" were. So far I've seen zero signs of itching.

We were told that he was friendly to cats and small dogs, but didn't like big dogs. Well, he has tried to attack my cat twice so they are permanently separated & he is listed on petfinder as a NO cat dog. He does get along fine with my Rat Terrier mix if there are no toys out, but he bit her on the nose over a Kong the first night they met. We have been working on slow introductions between him and my GSD, and they're going okay. He does lunge and bite at him if Frag looks at him the wrong way, so they're still being crated and rotated and going on long walks together everyday.

Duke aboslutely loves toys and is a little obsessive over them. He pulls hard on the leash, but we're working on that. He knew how to sit and shake when he got here, and I've taught him to lay down. He is crate trained and housetrained minus the having to pee all the time from the medication he's on. He rides great in the car & relaxes well in the house.

There will be many more updates as he regains his health and attitude. :)