Friday, July 19, 2013

Little Tugit!

This little fellow I fostered from 4 weeks to about 13 weeks just a few months ago...

His name was Tug. A Pit Bull mix with maybe Jack Russel was our best guess. He was most certainly a terrier!  He was surrendered to Animal Control at 4 weeks after being bought on Craigslist because of his whining at night. He still needed to be nursing! Unfortunately, he was force weaned and AC was anxious to find a rescue to take him, so I took him in.
We did a ton of socialzation from kids, uneven surfaces, car rides, new people and places, loud noises, bikes, skateboards, etc. and he was a very well rounded puppy by the time he got adopted! I wasnted to give him the most training and socialization possible given his rough start to life.
He got adopted by an awesome single woman with no other dogs, and is really living the life! He comes to my training classes and he's getting so big and goofy, but still has phenomenal attention and is able to work fantastically through distractions! I'm so happy to have placed this boy in a great home, but secretly wish I would have kept him! ;)


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